dt+n caters to the cycling and multisport needs of the greater Princeton, Pennington, Ewing and Yardley communities via its indoor cycling studio outfitted with a MultiRider Computrainer System located at PEAC Health & Fitness.

This comprehensive program incorporates all aspects of cycling and triathlon preparation, including personalized coaching, weight loss and sports nutrition. In addition, the dt+n directed Studio is a specialized testing and performance facility for cyclists and multisport athletes of all levels. The goal is to “turn riders into cyclists.” This is accomplished by providing riders with an inclusive array of services, both for greater performance and as a means to test their unique cycling ability. Classes run 6 days a week with personalized coaching sessions available, both one-on-one and for private groups.

The intimate studio environment where personalized attention, coupled with a strong background in the services, is paramount to empowering clients with the tools necessary for success. The opportunity to be assessed and coached in a private cycling facility provides an individual with a tremendous advantage as he or she trains for health, wellness or an event. Such hands on and personalized assessment and instruction helps an athlete fine tune their training program.

In addition, as a Registered/Licensed Dietitian, conditioning specialist and avid IM/Ultraman Hawaii World Championships competitor Chris Draper and his team of experienced staff has first-hand knowledge and experience of the imperativeness of sound training, skills and nutrition necessary for cycling or multi-sport success.  Thus, you can’t help but pick up a tip or two as you sweat/suffer alongside these hands-on peeps in a multi-rider class or one-on-one session.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can use the contact info below or visit my contact page.

E-mail: info@drapertrainingnutrition.com
Phone: (609) 433-3934
Facebook: Draper Training & Nutrition